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At Exponents Las Vegas, we aim at facilitating a hassle-free exhibiting experience. We work complicatedly to help you accomplish your trade show objectives. We  partner with your marketing team and obtain clear insights about your brand’s requirements. And then we deliver effective solutions tailor made for you.

We are driven by our capabilities and commitment towards innovation to give you what your booth needs, and deliver it the way you want. So, if you decide to collaborate with us and avail our high-quality trade show display rentals in Las Vegas.

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Here are the services we will provide you


Booth Designing

We understand the sentiments any organisation holds for its brand or product,  therefore, all our designs are driven by your ideas and brief. And thus make sure none of your objectives are being compromised. Be it during ideation phase or as far as installing phase of  specific design. Our team handles all your necessities with diligence.  You can tell us your requirements so we can present the best designs you can use for a successful trade show.

To ensure you pick the right one for your brand, we provide several over 700 trade show displays Las Vegas that you can choose from. If you are looking for something more specific, we make a custom design for you.

Once you are satisfied with the display, we will design it to show your product or service in the best possible way, using high-quality graphics and the best technology that our in-house expert designers bring to the table.


Graphic Production

Every company is unique, and the graphics on their trade show displays Las Vegas must reflect that.  Our excellent team of digital graphics specialists will adapt your graphics to suit your Las Vegas trade show display.

We know that quality matters. And hence, print out the graphics utilizing the best technology, fabric and material so that your visuals look appealing on the trade show floor. We will create your booth with picture-perfect visuals, vibrant colors, and a premium finish. Our graphics will be available in several textures, ranging from vinyl to fabrics. You can expect your graphic production to be made with the finesse that you would expect from the best.


Booth Construction

At Exponents, we not only offer trade show booth design and graphic production, but we also provide impeccable booth construction services. Our custom trade show displays in Las Vegas are constructed in our Las Vegas facility using high-quality materials  that are built to withstand repeated use at trade shows. You can choose from our range of materials and pre-planned themes and customized elements for  your booth so your brand message is  delivered loud and clear.

We schedule a dry run ahead of the event. It saves you from unwanted hazards while allowing us to implement your feedback. We understand that your trade show could be making you travel to different parts of the country, and we not only work around that, but we also work with it. While creating a booth, we emphasise on the important aspects   like  shipping, installing , and dismantling requirements that will naturally come with the booth building process.


Installation, Shipping, & Dismantling

An event does not just start and end at the venue. The booth shipping, installation, and dismantling process is a time-consuming process and requires more manual  effort. To answer this hassle, our dedicated team of professionals takes care of your Las Vegas trade show display rental’s  transportation, storage, and assembly.

Our experienced logistics team will ensure that your trade show display in Las Vegas and accompanying equipment and graphics reach the venue before time. Once your booth arrives at the venue, our experts ensure that the booth is installed as visualized in the concept document. We know with every  trade show, the dismantling process comes handy. So, our logistics team takes care of it as well.! Let our experienced team do their job so that you can do yours!


Project Management

Every trade show is a unique project, and we strive to treat each one with the seriousness it deserves. For this reason, we assign a specialized project manager to our clients who will give you complete support at every step of the process. When we have our first discussion with you, our dedicated project manager will consider the scope of the work and the timelines for each milestone.

The project manager will always run things by you, and the timelines will be vetted so that you are always in control. Our project manager takes ownership of the whole process and maintains the life cycle so that there are no last minute delays, glitches or anything that will ruin the show for you.

Browse through our catalog of 1000+ rental trade show displays for Las Vegas

You can begin your search right now. Our website lists all our designs arranged according to size. We have rental trade show displays ranging from 10×10 to 50×50. You can browse through several designs in each size category.

Each design is listed with its cost. We also provide a detailed breakdown of what we offer for the price you will pay. This includes along with the aforementioned services, additional design-specific accessories for your chosen rental trade show booth.

A tip to make the most out of your budget

In a popular trade fair destination like Las Vegas, trade show displays are going to be expensive. So how can you make the most of your budget? Take the time to develop engagement strategies, because once a visitor has entered your booth, it’s up to you. Your booth design will only take you so far, after that your team needs to qualify and close.

Games can help to provide your staff the time to do it, so can having R&R zones for visitors. Then there are video presentations, contests and free sampling. In short, there are numerous strategies to use, but it will depend on what your brand offers.

  • We dedicate a considerable amount of time to the conceptualization and design of your trade show display.
  • Our team of designers work closely with you to create a bespoke display rental that will enhance your brand position.
  • For more inspiration, take a look at our catalog of over 500 tailor-made designs, customizable according to your brand image.
  • From initial advice to delivery, including design, display graphics, pre-fabrication, on-site installation and dismantling as well as shipping your booth, we offer a complete service. This guarantees you a memorable brand experience and a high return on investment. Renting a trade show display from Exponents Las Vegas is a guarantee of quality and tranquillity.
  • We promise our customers a 100% pre-construction guarantee. This means that your booth will be built several weeks before the show, at our in-house manufacturing unit. This gives you an overview of your display even before your show.
  • We have a clearly defined process. Our dedicated and experienced team knows the keys and pitfalls of the rental process. Our on-site supervisor will visit the site to ensure that your show goes as planned.

Bank on us for your next trade show booth rental in Las Vegas!

Our team assists you from the beginning by getting all the important notes of your brand requirements to be conveyed in your trade show booth rental in Las Vegas.

After a thorough brainstorming session, we present you various booth design ideas at your disposal, out of which you can choose the best one that represents your brand light in the most prominent way to get maximum trade gains.

Once the finalization of a trade show booth design in Las Vegas is done from your end, we formulate a defined proposal that is a combination of our decades of experience and your given instructions.

You get to face absolutely no hassles while finalizing your trade show booth rental design in Las Vegas.

Start your Las Vegas trade show booth rental planning with our expert design team to get maximum returns on your investments.

We have streamlined the search process, so that you can choose a display rental that best suits your brand needs. Simply select the desired booth size on our home page and browse from over 500 creative trade show display designs. Moreover, you can also filter the display as per your budget.

You can thus explore a number of possibilities available to you. This gives you access to our best design ideas. Our experienced team are present at every stage to assist you in your booth display project.

If you wish to benefit from our services in an all-inclusive offer for your trade show display, contact Exponents Las Vegas ado.


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