Design, Deliver and Rent custom trade show booths in Las Vegas from the pioneers in the industry! 

Having earned the distinction of collaborating with the top-most brands for trade show booth rentals across the United States, Exponents has found residence in Las Vegas.

Exponents-Las Vegas is a full-service trade show company with more than 40+ years of experience. Exponents is widely known for its varied display booth rental service in Las Vegas.

A trusted brand across the country, make more out of your trade show participation when you rent a booth from us. Amplify your trade show journey and experience with our comprehensive services and unmatchable guidance. Build, design, and deliver only with Exponents.

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What we do?

We understand that no brands’ needs and wants are the same, and hence our wide variety of booth options to choose from depending on client requirements, goals and objectives, desired size, and budget is our USP.

Starting from a small-sized booth of 10×10 to an enormously sizeable 50×50 booth, we have it all. To top it all, our team of talented and capable project managers help brands design and rent the best booth in entire Las Vegas per their objective. Streamlining your trade show participation before the show makes the journey worthwhile!

After thorough research of the current business dynamics, all our trade show booth designs in Las Vegas are built to provide your brand with maximum marketing gains. We also offer access to our classified 300+ prebuilt designs and our wide array of services, all at a fixed price.

The team at Exponents undertakes complete responsibility to design, build, deliver and install your trade show booth rental in Las Vegas to enable you to assume complete cruise control of your trade show participation experience.

Why choose Exponents-Las Vegas for your next exhibit booth rental in Las Vegas

We build and design beautiful demand-driving exhibit booth rental that gives voice to your brand. Apart from making these designs functional and easy to adapt to your space, durability and booth quality are a few significant areas of concentration at Exponents-Las Vegas.

Our team of experienced project managers ensures that your booth is built to perfection to eradicate all chances of last-minute hassle. In discussing your booth goals and objective, the team helps you select the right booth size and design to enable you to widen your customer base and build your brand image to the maximum degree.

Below are a few of our trade show booth rental services in Las Vegas.

High-quality booth


We do not comprise the quality of our products and use only the finest quality of material when building booths.

The booth is built in a manner taking into consideration various factors like shipping, repeated use, and the capability to withstand the other exhibiting rigor. 

Transparency in pricing


no last-minute surprises at Exponents. When you book our trade show services in Las Vegas, all of our inclusion and exclusion are specified in detail. This surely helps the customer calculate the expenses better and stick to their budget.

Installation & Dismantling


When you rent a booth in Las Vegas from Exponents, our team of experts also looks after the installation and dismantling service. Our supervisor ensures your booth is built within the expected quality, installed correctly, and handed over to you right in time for the show. On completion of the show, the booth is dismantled too.

Maintenance & Storage


When you rent a booth at Exponents, maintenance and storage are a free experience. Take home memories from the show while we care for the dismantling, maintenance, and storage bit!

100% Prebuild Guarantee


Weeks before the actual show, we prebuild your booth at our facility and share graphics and audio visuals of the same with you. This helps us perform a pre-dispatch inspection, and any alteration, if needed, can be implemented before the setup is packed and sent to the fairground.

Quick Response


The anticipation before a show is for real. And to ensure that the sail is smooth and our customers are never stuck in technical difficulties, we have an online chat facility available. On connecting with us, we make sure your query is responded to within 24 hrs.

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