Engaging 10×10 trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas

A 10×10 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas is good to start!

A 10×10 trade show booth rental Las Vegas is ideal for exhibitors just starting. A 10×10 is approximately the size of 1 family room or two extra bedrooms. That’s enough space to set up a seating area, reception area, product display, storage space, a graphical display, or a presentation stage.

While space may appear to be an issue, a lot can be done with a 10×10 room that is both useful and visually pleasing. A 10×10 trade show booth rental Las Vegas is the most cost-effective solution for new exhibitors, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo design. While it is usual to think of 10×10 trade show booth rental Las Vegas as a vinyl popup, you may have a comprehensive, unique rental display that will stand out on the show floor.

A booth of this size is helpful for companies to showcase their product line and conduct marketing campaigns or product demonstrations. This booth is ideal for companies from all industries such as SAAS, FMCG, telecommunication, hospitality, tourism, mass media, healthcare, pharmacy, retail sales, real estate, education, banking, insurance, transportation, and legal services.

Benefits of choosing Exponents for your Las Vegas exhibit rentals

The most apparent use of a 10×10 trade show booth Las Vegas is its cost per square meter. That is relatively less versus other more extensive booths. You also get a wide range of choices when choosing your booth type.

An inline booth, peninsula booth, perimeter booth, or island booth, these types and their variations are available to you.

You can also cover each wall with graphics such as posters, LCD screens, product walls, and backlit signage.

Put Your Business in the Spotlight With Stunning 10×10 Trade Show Booth

Why choose us for your 10×10 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas

With over 30 years of experience in booth design, booth building, and management, our expertise is yours to use. We will build, deliver, and install your booth precisely and promptly.

Our team of booth designers and booth builders is always ready to operate, thanks to our in-house manufacturing and printing setup. We have over 1000+ exhibit ideas to inspire you. We have booth sizes ranging from 10×10 to 50×50 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas for you to explore and customize as per your needs.

Your 10×10 trade show booth Las Vegas can still make a memorable impression with distinctive designs that offer seemingly limitless possibilities, from 3D logos to backlit cloth displays. The same limitations bound everyone else as you are. It’s just a matter of executing an on-brand message creatively. It is rare for brands to feature a large, strong booth at a few selected shows while using a smaller display at other shows where company objectives differ.

Las Vegas remains our company’s bedrock, but we have a local presence in Orlando and Chicago. Our comprehensive fact across the USA gives our project managers and technicians an in-depth understanding of the exhibiting landscape in the states. They will guide you and ensure that your project is delivered on time, as per your brief, without any budget creep.

Our 5-star rating proves our commitment to providing you best service. We have a fixed price approach and deliver a 100% pre-build promise to boost your confidence in our competence. This makes us a reliable choice for your 10×10 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas.

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Service we offer with your Inline Rental Booth in Las Vegas 

Proper use of Lighting

Light is a crucial component of your trade show success. A 10×10 trade show booth size is small, so you have to use specialized Lighting on your booth to get noticed. With a backlit wall, you make your 10×10 booth pop out. This lets your brand message grab the attention of your target audience in Las Vegas.

Use Digital Tools

With digital elements such as LCD, you can set up a wide range of exciting offers, which can be expanded very quickly. Product images, videos, and applications connected through digital devices can use to present several products or services without necessarily having them on site. By integrating digital elements, the range of offers can be expanded quickly and effectively regardless of the size of your booth.

Create zones

It helps to bifurcate areas within your small stand, using different colors and signage. Having zones also let other areas of your booth like the reception zone, meeting area, and presentation area get noticed more easily. That’s why dividing your booth into zones is essential so that a visitor can orientate himself immediately.

Less is more

With smaller booth spaces, it mustn’t appear cluttered. Of course, it is tempting to choose something from the large selection of exhibition equipment such as product displays, banners, showcases, and seating with tables or plants. Still, a clean, open design attracts more attention, especially with small stand areas. A transparent color scheme is also essential to convey the togetherness without interruptions to reinforce a uniform image.

Services we offer with your 10×10 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas

Here at Exponents Las Vegas; our specialty lies in our booth services, transparent prices, and diverse catalog of 700+ booth ideas. All of our 10×10 trade show booths Las Vegas are listed on our website with the price. We give you a complete breakdown of each trade show booth rental in Las Vegas; you will see in detail where your money is being spent. Along with that, we offer you price-inclusive services to make your trade show experience simpler.

  • You get a project manager who will handle your booth from concept to delivery.
  • Our in-house designers will customize your booth design as per your requirements.
  • We provide transportation for your booth to the fairgrounds and back
  • We take care of the hassle of getting build approval from show organizers
  • We send our technical team and on-site supervisor, who will handle the installation and dismantling at the show
  • A 100% pre-build guarantee where we build your booth weeks before dispatch and conduct numerous quality checks
  • We will also send you the pictures of your booth design after our pre-build reviews for your approval

So, if you are looking for a 10×10 trade show booth rental in Las Vegas you can rely on us. We have over four decades of experience in helping brands exhibit in the USA. Our 10×10 trade show booths Las Vegas are ideal for start-ups and SMEs who gradually want a convenient solution for their fair-trade appearance.