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Three of Nevada’s top ten largest convention halls are located in Las Vegas, making it one of the most popular places for trade shows and business conventions. It also boasts the most business meeting places of any city in the world. All of this contributes to Vegas being a prominent destination for major brands and corporations to show and advertise their products and services. If you wish to exhibit in Vegas, you must be one step ahead of all other exhibitors since the competition is fierce.

Only an experienced trade show booth design company in Las Vegas can help you stand out from hundreds of other exhibitors by creating a one-of-a-kind trade show booth design Las Vegas that will draw everyone to your display. Exponents is one of the leading trade show booth design company in Las Vegas, with over 40 years of expertise in the trade show booth market.

We provide complete trade show booth services in Las Vegas, including design, construction, fabrication, shipping, installation, disassembly, and storage if needed. Our skilled staff is capable of overcoming any obstacle or challenges in the construction of your bespoke trade show booth rental Las Vegas at our own manufacturing facility. We also make sure that the floor is properly managed throughout your event so that you have a stress-free trade show experience.

Our dedicated in-house design team at Exponents Las Vegas strives to achieve excellence while assisting you in finalizing a Las Vegas trade show booth design for your next event or trade show in Las Vegas as per your brand requirements and instructions to achieve maximum marketing benefits.

Explore our options of 700+ amazing pre-built designs that are open to customizations and our local facility to get a full-service customized trade show display rental in Las Vegas.

We can handle everything from large-scale events to small-scale designs and graphics. From trade show management to custom graphic design and booth construction, Exponents can handle projects of any size and offers trending trade show booth ideas.

Furniture rentals, television monitors, graphics, banners, overhanging displays, panels, backdrops, modular displays, portable displays, and other trade show booth supplies are available.

From design to delivery, we do it all! Call us on 800.639.1174 or email to make your next Las Vegas trade show booth more successful.

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Creative booth solution for trade show in Las Vegas

Trade Show Booth Design Ideas in Las Vegas

Start your Las Vegas trade show booth rental planning with our experienced design team to get maximum returns on your investments.

Our team assists you from the beginning by getting all the essential notes of your brand requirements to be conveyed in your trade show booth rental in Las Vegas.

After a thorough brainstorming session, we present you with various trade show booth design ideas Las Vegas, out of which you can choose the best one that represents your brand light in the most prominent way to get maximum trade gains. And we provide you with a customized 3D design concept with a cost offer in 5 working days.

Request for Proposal

Once the finalization of your trade show booth design in Las Vegas is done from your end, we formulate a defined proposal that is a combination of our decades of experience and your given instructions.

You face absolutely no hassles while finalizing your trade show booth rental design in Las Vegas.

We custom make a 3D representation of your chosen trade show booth design Las Vegas concept to end all your anticipations right at the beginning and provide you an all-inclusive cost offer for your trade show exhibit in Las Vegas. Thanks to our fixed price approach, we ensure you have no incidental costs before the show, and you can focus entirely on your audience.

Customizable Rental Trade Show Booth Designs in Las Vegas

At Exponents, we continuously work towards bringing innovations in the trade show booth designs Las Vegas as per the changing dynamics of the business world. A customized trade show booth Las Vegas should carry all your brand elements and characteristics. Our professional and talented team strives to yield the most effective and lasting turnkey solution for your trade show to promote your brand and grow your business. We make sure to provide the best of our assistance to make your event experience the best one.

Showcase your brand offerings by choosing from our 700+ pre-built booth designs developed after scrutinizing the latest market trends. Get further customizations done in your trade show rental booth Las Vegas to add definition to your brand image.

Check out some of our latest trade show booth projects in Las Vegas

Future Forward Custom Trade Show Booth Design company in Las Vegas

Enhance your visitor’s experience by deploying our contemporary trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas carefully made after thorough research by our expert designers and manufacturers.

Increase your audience attendance by incorporating modern digital technologies that enhance customer engagement and garner more business opportunities.

Our local team working at Exponents Las Vegas assists you at every step to make your trade show participation journey a successful one.

Our local presence allows us to provide reasonable pricing and services. We provide reduced shipping costs with greater customer care and convenience because we are near your next event site. We can accommodate any size space. For example, 10×10, 10×20, 20×20, 20×30, 30×30, and any size your trade show booth requires.

Stop settling with the pre-show craziness of prepping your booth and resolving last-minute difficulties on your own. We offer on-site trade show display management for peace of mind and quick setup. Ensure that your trade show booths Las Vegas are as attractive as possible and that they are properly set up to match your expectations.

Exponents Las Vegas can create customized trade show booth rentals Las Vegas to meet your budget and creativity.

Allow yourself several choices before making a decision. Our skilled staff can assist you in creating a design that is adaptable in terms of size, design, and budget.

FAQS for Trade Show Booth Design in Las Vegas

Exponents has over 40 years of expertise in the trade show booth market and provides complete trade show booth services including design, construction, fabrication, shipping, installation, disassembly, and storage if needed. Our skilled staff and in-house design team strives for excellence in creating a one-of-a-kind booth for our clients.

Exponents offers a wide range of trade show booth design services in Las Vegas, including design, construction, fabrication, shipping, installation, disassembly, and storage.

Yes, Exponents handles projects of any size, from large-scale designs to small-scale designs and graphics adaptation. We offer trending trade show booth ideas and custom design services to make your next trade show successful.

Yes, you can customize the pre-built designs offered by Exponents. We provide 700+ options to customize the design to match your brand’s look and feel, including color scheme, fonts, images, and layout. With the customization options, we will build a booth that accurately represents your brand.

To get started, call us at 800.639.1174 or email to discuss your next trade show booth design in Las Vegas. Our dedicated in-house design team will work with you to finalize the design per your brand requirements.