Demand driving 30×30 Trade Show Booth Rental in Las Vegas

About our 30×30 trade show booth rental service in Las Vegas

Magnify the reach of your business and highlight your brand into the sight of potential clients with our 30×30 trade show booth solutions in Las Vegas. All our booth displays are exclusively created by our in-house team that has a collective experience of 35 years.

We, at Exponents-Las Vegas, take utmost care in supporting your brand to meet its marketing goals. With our exclusive range of 30×30 trade show booth designs with prices in Las Vegas, you can easily attract potential clients and build a future business alliance with them.

Deploy our trade show exhibit design for your 30×30 trade show booth in Las Vegas to augment the reach of your business. All our 30×30 trade show booth designs in Las Vegas are available at an open and fixed price that does not fluctuate closer to the show dates, that makes your 30×30 trade show booth in Las Vegas empower your marketing team to plan the budget allocation much clearer.

How our 30×30 trade show booth design helps to generate leads

The biggest advantage of a 30×30 trade show booth Las Vegas is its height and space. We can help you create a welcoming business environment and a discreet meeting area that will help you engage with your audience better.

Moreover, lights can surely be a game-changer and it will give an instant face-lift to your 30×30 trade show booth Las Vegas. Lights will not only enlighten your exhibiting space area but emphasize your products and bring them to life.

Customizing your booth with our expertise allows your products to be the star of the trade show and creates a big impact to your 30×30 exhibit in Las Vegas.

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Check our customize 30×30 trade show booth rental design ideas in Las Vegas

Want to see how your next 30×30 trade show booth Las Vegas would look like? Get access to our 500 booth design concepts that can add value to your trade show booth or get a brand-new customized design to complement the needs of your business.

Finding the next 3D design of your 30×30 booth design is quick and easy. Visit our website,  select 30×30 as your booth size, and browse through our creative catalog until you find a design that interests you along with the all-inclusive rental cost. Within a jiffy, you can shortlist your next trade show booth rental Las Vegas, try now! It’s that simple.

Creative booth solution for trade show in Las Vegas

Let us know your exhibit design needs in Las Vegas and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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How our 30×30 trade show booth design helps generate leads

Brands that come from the different segments of the business world, comprised of small and large-scale industries, new market entrants, multinational companies etc., have a firm belief in our 30×30 trade show rental booth Las Vegas for their show in Las Vegas due to the following reasons:

Proposal Submission

We are detail oriented in formulating our proposals and offers. Hence, all our proposals of 30 X 30 booth rental are structured including all the requirement of your trade show booth and product or service needs. This ensures your marketing team can focus on engaging your audience and not worry about incidental costs.

Aesthetic Customization

Our collection of 500 pre-built booth designs makes your task easier to shortlist the booth design rental most suitable for your company. Further, you can also opt for getting your 30 X 30 trade show rental booth designs customized according to your specific necessities.

Value-Added Cost

Our booth rentals are available to you at an open and fixed price, which facilitated your marketing executives to pre-plan your budget allocation. We offer full service trade show booth rentals in Las Vegas, from design to delivery and handover before your show.

Project Management

We have a dedicated project manager who would help guide you through the process of executing your trade show booth in Las Vegas. Our Project Manager also undertakes the coordination and communication with the organizer that ensures you can sit back, relax and peacefully attend you show in Vegas.

Instant Updates

Our project manager takes utmost care of your trade show booth rentals and keeps you updated about the development of the booth, at every progressing phase.

Live Demonstration 100% Pre built guarantee!

We are in Las Vegas, just 15 mins drive from the LVCC. With this we can offer to run a live test of you 30 X 30 trade show booth rentals, right at our warehouse and prebuilding area in Las Vegas, before the event. This is to ensure the viability of the booth along with high standards of product delivery.

On-Location Support

Our dedicated team empowers you in achieving your marketing goal, by taking up the full responsibility of Installation, supervision and dismantling of your trade show booth rentals including handling and managing all the logistics paperwork with the organizer and the forwarding company.


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