Trade Show Planning: FAQs

A well-designed trade show booth in Las Vegas should be a visual reflection of your brand. Attendees should be able to recognize your brand identity, personality, and product. It would be best if you try to incorporate the latest technology and have warm aesthetic lighting to entice your visitors. You can also provide valuable information about your product to stay memorable in your visitor’s mind.

The advantages of trade shows include:

Raises brand awareness

Builds your database

Perfect for meeting new customers and suppliers

Direct selling

Learn what works and what does not


The disadvantages of trade shows include



Potential low turnout

Results are not guaranteed

Non-qualified leads

Trade shows are an excellent way for small businesses to build relationships, strengthen their brand, and generate sales. Small businesses can use trade shows to spread the word about exciting company news, products, and promotions to gain valuable exposure.

Rental exhibits Las Vegas are an amazing marketing tool that will let your audience know what your company has to offer through the use of pictures and text. Even in today’s digital marketing age, trade shows are still one of the best marketing mediums because they allow you to meet and connect with other professionals and customers face-to-face.

A virtual trade show booth is a space surrounded by a greater virtual event. The ultimate purpose is to create eloquent discussions with attendees. A diversity of resources can be exhibited within a subsequent trade show.

A virtual booth is a place contained by a grander virtual program. The objective is to produce significant chat with the subsequent attendees where the availability of possessions can be exhibited. And all these comprise static transcript, signs-logos, posters, cinematic and even a chatbot.

Asking the right questions can bring excellent, especially when you’re at a tradeshow.

You can ask the following questions at a tradeshow:

  • How long have you been working in the field?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?
  • What are your support hours?
  • Could you elaborate on the various services and products you offer?

Creating booth for trade shows is an elaborate process and one needs to understand it before selecting any booth for purchase or rent. Booth design goes from the following details:

  • Recognize requirements
  • Brainstorm designs
  • Select a layout and estimate a quote
  • Design and fabrication
  • Deadlines
  • Show launch

When you plan to purchase or rent any trade show booth you might find several companies offering variety of services and that can be overwhelming. The following types of services are offered in Trade booth:

  • Design
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Dismantling

Trade show booths can make or break your impression at any show. It is crucial to select the appropriate layout to ensure all the objectives are satisfied. Any trade show booth designer will tell you about the following four types of trade show booths:

  • Inline Booth
  • Peninsula Booth
  • Perimeter Booth
  • Island Booth

One can participate in trade shows with several objectives. Given below are some of the common goals of trade show exhibit:

  • To launch a product
  • To Create brand awareness
  • To introduce your brand in a new market
  • To attract new clients
  • To retain the current clients

Renting booths allow companies to change booth designs for every show and costs lesser than buying them.  Renting also permits the brands to go bigger and fancier with the booths.

For brands looking to participate in a huge number of shows throughout the year buying is the best option. For brands looking to participate in shows not regularly, or want to change their booth designs for every show, or brands that want to save on the budget.

In a virtual environment the booths are designed online and the shows are also held online. A virtual exhibit is the one that is designed to be placed on the online platform for the show.

A typical booth in the US will be in the size 10ft x 10ft, which fill the aisles of trade show exhibits. But Exponents offers booths from sizes 10ft x 10ft to 50ft x50ft for brands that want to buy bigger sizes.

Aren’t participating in an exhibition already pre occupying? Why stress on setting up a trade show booth above it all! Team up with the right trade show booth builder in Las Vegas, and all you need to set up a booth comes along with the exhibit.

Managing a trade show booth is easier when you focus solely on the booth and not upon other factors. Choose a trade show exhibit builder in Las Vegas who provides add on services like, on-site supervision. This way the team is looking after most things and you focus on boosting sales and building network.

In a sea full of competitors, standing out and attracting customers to your booth can indeed be a difficult task. Therefore, while planning for a pre-built or custom tradeshow exhibits in Las Vegas, focus on factors like design, colour scheme, include giveaways, freebies, introduce technology, play a game, or have a guest speaker etc.

Preparing for a trade show booth has never been easier. When you rent or buy from Exponents Las Vegas, we take care of all your trade show booth preparation. Our service includes booth consultation, trade show booth design, booth construction, graphics production, project management, installation, dismantle, shipping, on site supervision.

Trade shows are a powerful marketing medium. They bring together several international buyers and sellers in one place in a short period. The trade shows do not just gather all the significant players from the industry but allow visitors to see large numbers of products simultaneously, assess and compare them, attend demonstrations, and ask questions. By taking advantage of the trade shows’ benefits, you can enhance your business in one go.

A trade show display refers to the booth or area where a company showcases its products or services at a trade show. The booth is designed to attract visitors and promote the company’s offerings.

At trade shows, companies can promote their products or services through face-to-face interaction with potential customers, product demonstrations, sales promotions, and more. Companies also use trade shows to network with other businesses in their industry and generate leads.

There are several types of trade shows, including:

  • Consumer trade shows: Focuses on consumer goods and products.
  • B2B trade shows: Focuses on products and services for businesses.
  • Niche trade shows: Focuses on a specific industry or product category.
  • Hybrid trade shows: Combines consumer and B2B elements, catering to both businesses and individual consumers.

To exhibit at a trade show, you must find the right trade show event for your business and then secure a booth space. You need to create a trade show booth with great design, promote your participation at the event, and have a plan for attracting and engaging visitors.

To attend a trade show, you need to follow these steps:

  • Research: Choose a trade show relevant to your industry and target audience.
  • Register: Register for the trade show and book your booth or exhibit space.
  • Prepare: Plan and prepare your exhibit rental, including displays, promotional materials, and products.
  • Promote: Arrive at the trade show on time and make the most of your time there by networking, showcasing your products, and gathering leads.
  • Follow up: Follow up with the contacts you made at the trade show after the event.

To plan a trade show booth, you will need to determine your goals for the event, choose the right trade show to attend, study your target audience and then design your booth accordingly.

You also need to partner with a good trade show booth company in Las Vegas to get your booth right!

To get your booth to stand out at a trade show, you will need to create a unique and engaging trade show booth design, have knowledgeable and friendly staff on hand, provide interactive activities or demonstrations, and offer special promotions or giveaways. You can also consider incorporating technology, such as virtual or augmented reality, into your Las Vegas exhibit booth to attract visitors.